Real Car, Real People

As we left Berkeley, there was one tough good-bye…the good old Subaru (or as we tenderly called her, “Suby”). She taught me how to drive, how to commute, how to ghost-ride, and most importantly, how to road trip. So when we left her on the other side of the planet, doomed to donation, the car gods felt our pain. Although Suby can never be replaced, she can have a little sister…

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Suby-Two!

(I enjoy saying it à la “Scooby-Doo”)

car 1

She’s an Outback (*naturally*), born March 2000, with ~171,000 miles –so we’re basically picking up where Suby left off (she had 180,000). I drove her home, refreshing my left-hand driving skills (it’s been 5 years since I did it in South Africa…), and then Paul got to have a go.

car 2


Don’t worry, he did fine.


What else have we been doing?

Not much, sadly. I got a nasty cold a week ago and am just now recovering. We did go on some day trips, but first, some maps to situate you:


As you can see, the Sydney harbor is quite intricate (especially compared to the SF bay), so there are lots of ferries buzzing about that go all the way up river and out on the open ocean.



We are staying in Dulwich Hill (halfway between Ashfield and Marrickville).

We spent one day in Manly (northeast peninsula), famous for its large beach and shopping. We tried to enjoy the beach, but it’s winter and a bit nippy, so we dipped our toes in the water and jumped out to cuddle in the wind. There’s a lovely walk along the coast between ocean swimming pools (built into the rocks filled and with sea water) and steep cliffs filled with hiding water dragons! (Sorry no pictures…)

We also visited Parramatta (westernmost end of the inlet), which is actually the historic city center. The river is so long that the Rivercat ferry we took actually couldn’t go all the way to the last stop because of low tide (so they plopped us on a bus for the last bit). Alas, this has also been taken over by shopping…

In the days in between, we’ve kept busy getting all our details in order. We’ve now got Aussie bank accounts, tax numbers, health insurance, car insurance… so we’re practically native.

Don’t worry there will be more photos next time. We’re planning a trip to the Blue Mountains this weekend, and might even take some pictures of the city, or of some Sydneysiders 😉