Cape to Cape

We have successfully finished the journey along the West Coast of Australia! From Broome to the Cape took us 50 days and we travelled 13,175 km!

Australia Road Trip Map - West Coast

As a grand hurrah (and a break from all the driving), we decided to go on a 4 day backpacking trip along the Cape to Cape track in the Margaret River area. It’s one of the most well-travelled trails, and we had plenty of company. Since there are a few towns along the way, many people opt for a more luxurious walk staying at hotels, eating out and even getting picked up/dropped-off each day, but we wanted to be true to form and pack-in pack-out everything we needed. We only did the first half of the trail which was 65km of gorgeous rugged coast and long sandy beaches, starting at Cape Naturaliste in the north and ending in Prevally–which includes crossing the Margaret River. [The full hike is 135km, and takes 5-8 days].



Here we are at the start of the trip, looking like normal people…

Start of the trip!
Day 1: Start of the trip!
Sugarloaf Rocks
Day 1: Sugarloaf Rock

Not even 2km into the hike, we saw a snake! Not just any snake, a brown snake…the first venomous snake we’ve seen the entire time in Australia (geez, only took us 4 months)!

Christina with a brown snake!

The beach walking was grueling!

Day 1: Smiths Beach

One morning, we ran across this little bunny on the trail. We approached quietly so I could get a good photo, and slowly we realized she wasn’t doing too well. I got even closer and nudged her with my boot, and she barely noticed, and then almost fell over…poor little dying bunny…

Day 2: bunny
Day 2: dying baby bunny

Turns out A LOT of the trail was sandy, even inland. Sometimes we were on 4WD tracks, as a lot of good surfing beaches were tucked away along this coastline.

Day 3 : water break
Day 3 : water break
Our faithful track posts
Track posts…always happy to see we weren’t lost!

Days 3 and 4 we saw lots of goannas! We’d been missing them most of the trip, but here they enjoyed basking in the sun along the trail, so we were thrilled!


Finally, we made it!

Paul at end of the trip!
Day 4: Paul at end of the trip, looking back at Margaret River behind us

The next day (after a nice shower, pizza and cocktails) we drove down to the southern tip to officially finish our route along the West Coast!

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse!
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse!

Now, time to head east for the last leg of the trip!